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By Benjamin Dairo Oyinloye 

Every 13th of November is the World Kindness Day and this year, 13th of November, 2019 is no better a day without kind deed in the program and agenda of a lawmaker that is aptly captured in many references as a reachable leader of men. 


The standard for this assessment is in the years of consistency and loyalty to the wishes of the masses that distinguished him from the roving political attitudinal odour of sabbatical principle and modesty.


The 13th of November, as a ‘WORLD KINDNESS DAY’ was introduced in 1998 by world kindness movement, a coalition of national response of non-government organization biddings for better ordering and kindness filled attitude for the prospect of the world.


Being kind not only has a direct effect on other lives but it also comes with positive impact on many cross sectorial fence seaters.


Everybody can use a little bit of a kindness in their life to create lasting smiles and gratitude in the lives of the needy, and with world kindness day almost past spent, what message of kindness can we report as a legitimate references from a Kwara State Legislator in the National Assembly.


A reference point of related kindness report was the story of a widow whose husband’s death was fast tracked by an uncontrolled fire incidence in Offa.


This aged woman suffers so many marital and societal ills as a life betrodden fate, so much so that, the cruelty of the essential life hovers over her livelihood like a symmetric Dog and a bone analogy.


One will miss no message to describe her as a symbol of penury or an insignia of poverty. At such spent years of about eighty-five years, she is childless, a widow and very poor. What more of a bad omen of a failed life references can one refers outside this pontificated areas!


In spite of all these odds, she stepped out of the box of life excruciating trauma to be known as a faithful member of All Progressive Party (APC) in Ojomu Ward of Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State. She will be the first to reach the party venue and swept the floor of the venue.


Not long after those personal dedication and addiction to party, many people called her ‘Mama Buhari’ because of her love and addiction to APC campaigns and project. According to the reported story, she was lucky with the disbursement made by APC on “trademoni” by the PMB led government, which she used to start her firewood business. 


News of this aged woman dedication and forthrightness soon reached the ears and consciousness of Senator Ashiru Oyelola Yisa through the Senator’s political scout in Offa. In the ensuing dialogue, the story of this poor aged woman was x-rayed and reviewed. How she had played out her devotion to supporting Senator Ashiru Oyelola Yisa political ambition, how she had adopted “Senator Lola” as her adopted child even without the Senator’s consent and knowledge.


This was the exact story that was divulged before the Senator who without meeting her, sent out his political scout to meet with her family and secured her a land in her late husband’s family land. Not sooner that the land secured on a swampy land side of the family ancestral land, the Senator picked a biro and a paper and drew a designed plan of 2 bedroom self curtains, both en-suite with toilet and kitchen for this woman and another self curtains room en-suite for the aged woman to rent out to whoever she please to accommodate a tenant with whom she can daily interact with.


Senator Ashiru Oyelola Yisa thus, used the gesture of the World Kindness Day to wipe out the tears of a woman whose identity and name is left off from this ink for security sake and he is still willing to do more. I was rather much worried about many unreported donations and kind deeds especially, so that, this news was meant to be left unreported, so, the Senator's aides accosted him on the subject while on his way to committee meeting for the review of the 2007 Procurement Amendment Act, where the Senator serves as the vice chairman, Senate Committee on Procurement -  We heard  a report that you are building a house for an aged woman,  why are we not in the know Sir? ‘When I talk about empowerment, this is what I mean. If I can build this house for a needy woman, I can as well build more of this for needy and reasonable party faithfuls. 


I have spent the last twenty (20) years of my life sprinkling direct cash gift in the direction of people yet, it’s as if I have done nothing. I am concern about my people and the larger Senatorial constituency of Kwara South.


I really want to buy into any new strategy and idea that can be employ to limit the surge of poverty of my senatorial district”


“This project will be use as litmus test for the eradication of poverty of many poor individuals in my senatorial zone and I can decide to build 200 or more of low cost friendly homes for my supporters which will be costing me an average of 2million Naira each’ said the Senator.


I won't be stopping at just building this house; I will equip it and furnish the widow’s home as well as to set her up on an animal rearing business”


To see a lawmaker marks the world's kindness day like this is indeed worthy of a report especially when the public are uninformed about the emotional set piece of a man that is thoroughly and emphatically concerns about the plight of his senatorial catchment.


Hon. Benjamin Dairo Oyinloye is the Legislative Assistant to Senator Ashiru Oyelola Yisa, the Senator representing the good people of Kwara South, Kwara State.